Explore Russia with Stan!

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A Few Words About Stan's Tours

Introducing Stan's Tours

Stan's Tours is one person's view of what St Petersburg touring could be but haven't been in the past. I am Stan and have been involved with St Petersburg for a very long time, as one of the few American long time residents helping visitors enjoy the city and culture, its history and contemporary society.
Some of you have probably read my writings on St Petersburg or my answers to questions as St Petersburg Destination Expert for Trip Advisor or blogs. It is my goal to show my guests why I fell in love with it years ago, from a perspective not seen with other tour companies. Few foreigners have learned and experienced more in this city and I would love my guests to learn the most interesting elements of it by creating a mix of historic and contemporary Russian society experiences that are as fun as informative.

It has been only 25 years since the Russian Federation has been an independent country but the changes have been dramatic and mostly for the better. As a foreigner, I could never quite figure out why tours do not normally reflect the changes instead of the same Intourist guide training and narratives that have been given to visitors since the 1970s. That is one reason I created my own tour company, as the one way to discover the mix of history and present that make it so fascinating. Another reason there is a need for my company, is someone needs to understand the visitors perspective and be aware of differences in culture and preferences that western visitors and Russians have.

One way of creating the fun personal adventures in the city is training our guides ourselves. I have been careful in selecting people first, their personalities having a rare blend of good humor, outgoing fun personality and personable warmth who genuinely like people. I discovered long ago that is was much easier to train people with great personalities to be good guides than train good guides to have great personalities. That is part of why I am confident that your visit with us will be not only very educational but great fun also.

The company was formed to be an attractive alternative to the conventional tour companies and old style of customer service that, sadly, still is rooted in Soviet mentality. The society has changed dramatically but not how many industries work. We combine the best of Russian hospitality with the western approach to safe secure business practices, ethics and honesty for the best value and best experience in Russia.

You can talk to us at any time, I usually answer the phone myself, and maintain late evening office hours so the 9-12 hour time difference between St Petersburg and North American means you will get a live person. For your convenience I list my personal phone number( +7-921-954-0221 )  in St Petersburg Russia. Any question, advice or suggestion, or even just to chat is fine and encouraged.  We also respond to emails immediately. For other contact methods see….Contact Stan's Tours