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We enjoy meeting you at the port the morning of your arrival. That is a chance to put names and faces to the phone and email contacts.
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Personalized Shore Excursions

Private Hightly Personalized Shore Excursions

Visiting St Petersburg by cruise ship traditionally meant buying shore excursions sold by the ship. These tended to be expensive, crowded and inflexible. Most passengers believed the statements by cruise lines that that was the only way to get off the ship, or get a personal visa which they did not help passengers apply for. When the internet expanded access to information and crusiers began sharing experiences more and more visitors came to discover that the ships never were exclusive tour providers. In fact, cruise lines never gave tours or had the authorization to conduct tours in Russia nor could they supply the visa free entry to the country as they claimed. To have shore excursions at all, ships had to contract with Russia based tour operators to create and conduct tours, and sponsor the passengers for visa-free entry.

Now that the truth is more known, more and more passengers are booking shore excursions directly with tour operators and saving a lot of money, and having personalized tours created for their party. Stan's Tours Ltd 's staff has many years experience in creating and conducting top quality, interesting and personalized tours in St Petersburg. Some of the advantages gained by booking Stan's Tours instead of the ship, include:

How to create your personal itinerary?
The city and surrounding area have a rich assortment of fascinating attractions ranging from cultural to historic and almost limitless possibilities in between. With such a wealth of options, how to select which to include in your tour? We create your itinerary by asking lots of questions, and making suggestions based on what we learn about your interests and style of interacting with a new environment. Here we have an advantage over the other companies, not only due to long experience but in a cultural understanding of our guests due to being fellow countrymen, we know our guest better, with no language barrier of what is said versus what was meant.