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What is the difference in river cruises?

Why River Cruises?.

River cruises may be unfamiliar to you but it is very popular with those who are interested in experiencing one country in much more depth than the traditional international cruise that visits each country for as little as 6 hours. River cruising has been popular with Europeans for a very long time, before international cruising started. It is done on a small ship that is suitable for navigating the major rivers of Europe and Russia. The ships have fewer cabins, less diverse activities aboard ship, and a distinct atmosphere fitting for the country within its route takes. The cruise is more personal, more port intensive and more relaxed. By the end of a 12-14 day river cruise, passengers have learned a great deal more about a country, its people and culture than on other styles of cruises. Russia is a great destination for river cruises because a single cruise includes intimate experiences of both world cultural centers of St Petersburg and Moscow but also 7-8 days exploring small authentic villages, ancient towns that have existed almost 1000 years.

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12-14 Day Russian River Cruise

Stan's Tours Plus River Cruises
We have packaged a traditional river cruise between the two major Russian cities, St Petersburg and Moscow and added Stan's Tours quality tours of St Petersburg either before or after your cruise. That is why it is called Stan's River Cruise Plus
This probably the best method of really learning and experiencing Russia, its people, and culture in only 14 days.

River Cruises regularly ply the major rivers of Europe and Russia in keeping with the long tradition of rivers being the heart of commerce, travel, civilazation, long before all weather roads so the towns, villiages and cities visited during the cruise allows you to experience a wide range of historic, traditional, modern, cultural aspect of life along the river dating back almost 1,000 years. The former capital city of St Petersburg is the baby of the cities in western Russia, with its beginning dating from 1703 when Peter the Great made the bold move to the former swamp of the Neva River Delta to create his vision of a Window on Europe. It bacame a signficant world capital of the arts, science, philosophy and political theory. Yet, within just a few miles down the river towards Moscow, the former and now current capital, villages dot the route of the river that have changed little in hundreds of years. They are fascinating, authentic and fun to explore and picturesque without the large crowds of St Petersburg and Moscow tourism.

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