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A Few Words About Visas

New 3 Year Visa for US citizens
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What about Visas....?

Visas are easier to get than internet rumors suggest

A Visas is permission to enter another country. All of them require it but there are two general types, Visa Documents and Visa Waivers. If you have traveled to other countries that had a visa waiver agreement with your own country, you probably got your permission to enter at the entry point at passport control. Russia offers Visa Waivers to only two types of visitors, those who arrive by cruise ship or ferry and those who are citizens of the 31 countries who have Visa Waiver Aggreements with Russia.. All other visitors need to have a visa document before traveling to Russia. The US, UK and EU countries do not have a Visa Waiver Agreement with Russia so citizens of those countries, unless arriving by cruise ship or ferry, must apply for a visa before leaving home. Here is a list Visa Waiver Countries

Visas to enter Russia are pasted into your passport by the Russian Consulate in your own country after you submit a visa application.

Those arriving by international cruise ship and staying less than 72 hours, and sponsored by an authorized Russian tour operator (Stan's Tours Ltd is an Authorized tour operator) do not need a visa, regardless of the country of citizenship, to enter Russia at selected ports. St Petersburg is the main port for visitors arrving by cruise ship and about 600.000 visitors each summer enter without visas. All Stan's Tours shore excursions are visa free because we are fully licensed to host visa free cruise and ferry passengers.

How to apply for a visa
A visitor needs to have their visa before they leave their home country unless they have a residency permit for the country they wish to apply in.
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