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About Russian Visas


What about Visas....Continued

Applying for a Russia Visa

With Stan's Tours assistance, it is not a difficult task to get a visa to Russia.

You will need a few items to apply.

  • A recent passport style photo
  • A Completed Visa application form
  • Your personal valid passport
  • Visa Support document (which is supplied by us for free if you are using our tour or shore excursion services)
  • Consular fee

The Consular Fees vary with country and reflect the fees charged by that country to Russian citizens for obtaining a visa to that country. EU countries are charged 50euros for standard processing times and more for rush service. US citizens are charged $140 for standard visas and $180 for the new extented 3 year Multiple Entry Tourist or Business Visa.

Stan's Tours provides the Visa Support Document free of charge to all those who are using our services for tours or apartment rental. We can provide Visa Support for those coming to Russia without booking a Stan's Tours Ltd tour. The list below shows the types of visas and costs of Visa Support documents. We have an easy to use, secure on-line form for requesting Visa Support documents. Select the type of visa you are interested in, click on the link to the left of its name and purchase it through our shopping cart. We will then send a link to an on-line form where you can enter details of when you are arriving and your passport details. We review the data, making sure all it correct, then send a PDF document you can print and submit with your visa application.

The two general catagories of visas are Tourist Visas and Business Visas. A normal on-time visit to Russia for tourism is the Tourist Visa which has a maximum duration of 30 days. A new visa agreement between Russia and the US has allowed tourists to get 3 year Multiple Entry Visas for the first time. This is great for those who want the greatest flexibility and visit with less preplanning any times within a 36 month period. Maximum stays in Russia for each visit is 6 months.

Order your visa invitation (called Visa Support)
Purchase 30 Day Tourist Visa $20
Purchase 30 Day Double Entry Tourist Visa $25
Purchase 3 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visas $100
Purchase 3 Year Multiple Entry Business Visa $120


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